Nextgen Patient Management

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The Challenge

A Fortune 100 wanted to help doctors reimagine the time-honored pager. For decades, doctors have made heavy use of pagers to get notified of patient needs, escalations, and staff support. A new platform needed to not only be feature rich, but also stable in a hospital and HIPAA compliant,

Role: Product Ideation, UI

My role in this project was to discover the pain points of doctors who typically travel between multiple hospitals, have a high number of patients and are comfortable with remote / telemedicine. I used this research to create an initial feature set. Additionally, I created a custom UI for the project.

The Solution

Feature ideation, HIPPA compliance research, persona research, tech analysis, UX, UI design


A minimally-viable prototype was created to present a cohesive feature set as well as a new way of imagining enriched, doctor-centric data.

the day is in the details

One of the details I like about the app is how it reinforces subconscious queues with calendar data. Through the discovery process, I learned that doctors can easily lose track of the day, especially when they are in rooms that don't have access to sunlight. To solve this problem, the background of the homescreen is dynamic; mimicing the sky's horizon and reinforcing the time of day with appointment data. As the day progresses, the sun's position moves in a realtime. The effect is both a nice aesthetic and reinforcement of the calendar card.