Product Roadmap Workshop

What is a product roadmap workshop?

A product roadmap workshop is a two-day event designed to give you a powerful plan to build the right app for the right consumer. The output from the event is a strategy for your business, finely tuned to your user base and prioritized for your go-to-market strategy.

For diamonds in the rough

This workshop is for digital product companies who want to build a competitive platform but still have product, design or technical questions about how to build a product effectively. Ideally you have a sense of what market you want to go after and the types of users you want to acquire.​ It is also a great fit if you want to take your platform to the next level.

Product Roadmap Workshop Illustration
Product Strategy Conducted

Why you need a roadmap:

Apps are very difficult to build. They’re even harder to launch and run successfully. No product succeeds without a good plan. But you need more than just a good plan. You also need a product strategy to be successful.

A good roadmap will bridge the gap between the vision of your platform and its build strategy. The document aligns your team on the steps they should take to, in what order, to make your vision a reality. Without this roadmap, you will spin out development cycles, waste time and money, and possibly never getting the traction you need to gain adoption in the market.​

Product Roadmap Deliverables

Deliverables: Polished to perfection.

Your workshop will lead to incredible, actionable insights. Here's what you get to build them:

  • Product Vision Document
  • Product Roadmap (One Year)
  • Prioritized Feature List
  • Product Requirements Document
  • Competitive Gap Analysis
  • Minutes of Meeting Report
Brantley is a genius. He took our rudimentary concept and ran with it.
Craig Porter, Founder

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